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Crafted Botanicals

Kendall Wishnick Adams


Welcome to Crafted Botanicals.  All herbal products are hand crafted with a medicinal purpose in mind which bring body, spirit, and mind together in a bottle.  Most of our organic plants are grown here at Crafted Botanicals.  I specialize in hydrosols, infused oils, and natural perfume therapy.  Scent is a key component to a holistic approach to health. Bringing herbs and natural fragrance into our daily life, is a blessing I wish to share with the world.  



My name is Kendall Wishnick Adams. I am a Natural Perfumer, Herbalist, Reiki Practitioner and Aromatherapist. Distilling hydrosols has given me an opportunity to create medicinal waters using the plants I grow.  I create all of my products in my studio, located in Sandpoint, Idaho. Most of my materials, I grow myself organically or collect in the woods surrounding my home. I have formulated many one of a kind remedies to help your mind and bodies.  I have a background knowledge in Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda which conceptually I incorporate in my formulas. .  

Enjoy awakening your inner most selves,  with the wonderful aromas and medicinal products from Crafted Botanicals. 




Painting has been in my life since 1990.  My passion brought me to Oakland, California where I attended The California College of the Arts with a major in painting.  Many years and many shows later, I have settled into my home in The North Idaho woods, to paint and make my medicinal medicines. My life is reflected in my work whether it be through travel, plants, or nature.